A is for Amie

Once upon a time there was a girl who, more than anything, wanted to be a writer. So she became an electrical engineer.


She spent many years engineering, until she heard about a magical land where people could read and write and study children’s books. She went to this land every summer for seven years and had many adventures. But she kept thinking how wonderful it would be to write books for a living.

One day Amie heard a call from the land of Krynn. A scribe in the Great Library of Palanthas needed assistants for a very special project. R.D. Henham wanted writers who truly loved dragons to help chronicle the adventures of a representative from every dragon species in Krynn. Amie wrote to R.D., telling him of her love of writing and of dragons. After careful consideration, Amie was chosen to interview Simle, a young bronze dragon, about her adventures with a human girl named Tatelyn.


Next, Amie was tasked with writing “Young Wizards Handbook: How to Trap a Zombie, Track a Vampire, and Other Hands-On Activities for Monster Hunters.”  Amie combined her love of crafts, the outdoors, and monsters to create this book.

Amie is still working on other works of fantasy for young readers.  Her stories include creatures like unicorns, ghosts, mermaids, and a human or two.

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