Free time? Really?

I found myself with a little bit of free computer time today.  Bizarre.  I wasn’t quite in the mood to write (I’m currently working on a sequel to my MG historical fantasy and by currently working, I mean that I’ve written a grand total of 4 pages.  Whoohoo!), so I thought it was time to update my website.  My HTML skills aren’t particularly professional looking, so my old website had kind of an amateur look to it.  Plus, when I went to check it out, it said it was down (there’s a long, boring story involving my username with our internet provider when I moved households that I won’t get into here).  I played around with WordPress a bit and decided this makes the most sense for my website and blog.

While I should be writing (isn’t that always the case?) I wanted to get my website renovation completed because, if the publishing gods are good, I might actually need a more professional look!  After many, many submissions and rejections (some of them absolutely wonderful!) I finally have agent representation!  The Jennifer Lyons Literary Agency is now representing me!  I’m still having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that I no longer have to submit “Tapestry Threads” to publishers and agents, now there is someone who loves the story enough that they want to try to find a home for it!  Latest status is I sent them some revisions that they suggested and I’m waiting to hear back if more are needed or if they’re going to start trying to sell it.  Fingers crossed!

All for now.  I want to get back to the website and try to decide how many pages I want with different topics (me, my books, crafts, trivia, other items).

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